Door Elevations: When installing floors (other than carpet) we are raising the elevation by ½” to ¾” inch. As a result of the change in elevations doors typically will need to be adjusted and/or shaved in order for doors not to drag and leave wear marks on your new flooring. There will be a charge of $35.00 per door to make these professional adjustments.

As for hanging the doors after the job is complete, that require no adjustments, this is the responsibility of A.T.R Flooring at no charge.

Baseboard Damage: To properly install a new floor all baseboards will be removed. A.T.R Flooring will do everything possible to salvage all baseboards when removing. However, some baseboard will crack and/or break due to the age of the baseboard and current conditions. A.T.R Flooring is not responsible for the cost of the new baseboard (including staining) but will replace it at cost and adjust the billing accordingly. When the job is complete the baseboard will be reinstalled.
Furniture Moving: A.T.R. Flooring is not in the business of moving furniture. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to have the rooms cleared prior to flooring installation. A.T.R. Flooring acknowledges that clearing a room can be problematic and wishes to constructively work with the homeowner toward resolving this situation. If the homeowner elects to have A.T.R Flooring move furniture A.T.R Flooring will charge for furniture movement based upon number of moves necessary to facilitate the flooring installation. ALL decorations, knickknacks, lamps etc. must be moved to a safe place by the homeowner prior to flooring installation. The minimum fee for A.T.R. Flooring moving furniture is $350.00.

Damage to furniture: If you elect to have A.T.R Flooring move your furniture, A.T.R. Flooring will exercise extreme care to assure that no damage occurs. However, in the event that damage does occur A.T.R Flooring is to be held harmless by the homeowner.

Unforeseen problems: Once demolition is completed it is not unusual for unforeseen problems to be uncovered such as: dry rot, unlevel floors and floors that excessively squeak, sub floor elevations, electrical and/or cable lines under carpet (which would need to be re-routed) etc. When an unforeseen condition exists that will affect the flooring installation the situation will be discussed with the homeowner and an agreed upon price will be added to the bill prior to the work being done.

NOTE: Please be assured A.T.R. Flooring will do everything it can to eliminate and avoid any extra charges outside of the bid agreement and will discuss and get your approval before any extra charges are added.