Q. Can wood floors be installed in any room in the house?
A. Because of the exceptionally durable finishes we use, wood floors can be installed in any room, even high traffic areas like hallways and kitchens.  Because of high moisture, we advise against installing some types of wood floors in bathrooms. Be sure to ask your installer if your wood of choice can withstand the moisture conditions.
Q. Are wood floors hard to clean?
A. A wood floor will be the easiest floor in your house to take care of.  We provide every customer with complete care and maintenance instructions.
Q. Why would I choose a wood floor?
A. Beauty, durability (a well maintained floor will usually outlast the house) ease of maintenance, clean and non-allergenic, increases home value, never out of style, and the choices and variety of color make it very versatile for interior decorating.
Q. Will my house be covered with dust after installation?
A. When sanding a wood floor there will be dust in the air of the room or area we are working on.  Our sanding machines have built in vacuum systems to provide dust collections.  In addition to this, we can hang plastic in doorways, openings between rooms, and over special areas of the house that might need covering to prevent the dust from spreading throughout the house.  We at A.T.R. Flooring take great care in masking off areas to be sanded, so as to keep dust contained to work areas, and do a thorough job in cleanup after the job is complete.
Q. Can you make our floor any color we want?
A. We can do any color from rich coffee brown to pastel green.  We will work with you on colors that you may already have in mind, or offer suggestions and guidance to get exactly what you want.
Q. We've just pulled up our old carpet and found wood floors underneath, but there are several unsightly patches and pet stains.  Is the floor salvageable?
A. Yes, it is usually a fairly simple matter of carefully cutting out the bad floor boards and "weaving" new ones in followed by sanding and refinishing.
Q. What do I need to do to prepare for installation of my wood floor?
A. Customers have to make sure they follow a list of of tasks to be completed before the wood floor is installed.

1)  Room must be completely emptied.  We can help in moving heavy items, if prior arrangements are made.

2) Remove all small objects such as lamps, pictures and breakable items from counters and shelves.

3)  Remove drapes and window treatments.

4)  We recommend that all people, pets, fish, household plants, etc. vacate the house while the floors are wet with very strong smelling and flammable solvents.  Since vapors from the sealer and finish are flammable we will extinguish all pilot lights during application and drying time.  Instruct all possible visitors not to smoke or ignite any flame.

5)  If our help is needed in the removal and replacement of heavy furniture or appliances, they must be emptied of breakable and heavy items.

6)  A charge for return trips to replace furniture or appliances is figured on an individual per job basis.

Note: Commercial Companies,

Keep in mind that while doing your floors, most of the time we can not allow traffic on the floor. You may want to consider having us do your floor during the late evening hours. This gives us time to plan a stopping point so the unfinished floor can have traffic on it before the next phase.