Floor Care

Wood flooring is timeless. The warmth and richness of hardwood floors are a perfect complement to your furnishings. With the great variety of color and species of woods available, we can help you find just the right look for your home.

Not only does hardwood flooring add charm and beauty to your home it can actually cost less than other types of flooring. Regardless of care, carpeting and resilient floors will, in time, become worn looking and will need to be replaced. Because of the renewability of hardwood, when it eventually shows signs of wear you have three options. Use a refresher to revive the shine, lightly screen and re-coat with urethane to bring back the original luster or completely sand and refinish the surface to make your floor look brand new. Hardwood flooring adds to the value of your home and properly cared for will last a lifetime.

Many allergists recommend wood floors as the perfect choice for a healthy home. With a few precautions and a minimum of care, your hardwood floors will continue looking beautiful and new, year after year.

A properly finished wood floor is the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking. A durable urethane finish seals the open pores of the wood and protects it from most household spills. Byfollowing the suggestions below you can keep your wood floors looking beautiful.

When surface finish in traffic areas start to show significant signs of ware, screening and re-coating is the least involved process to restoring your floor at a fraction of the the cost of re-sanding.